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We would like to thank you for using our service.  If your question is not answered by the frequently asked questions below, please call us at 585-544-5112 for additional assistance.

Why am I getting charged for ambulance services when you’re a volunteer organization?

Irondequoit Ambulance is a 501(c)(3)  Non-For-Profit organization.  We do NOT receive any tax monies collected by the Town of Irondequoit.  In 2009 we changed our name from Irondequoit Volunteer Ambulance to Irondequoit Ambulance.  Many people think "volunteer" means the service does not have any cost.

Without billing your insurance carriers (Medicare, Medicaid) our largest financial input is our Annual Fund Drive, which accounts for less than 3% or our operating funds.

The mission of IA is to provide the highest levels of service possible to citizens and visitors of the Ridge-Culver, Laurelton, and Point Pleasant Fire Districts, as well as all mutual aid areas IA is asked to serve.  This service shall be provided to assist all people through medical emergencies, natural or man-made disasters, consistent with established emergency medical procedures and practices, consistent with resources provided.

I am a resident, do I have to pay anything?

Again, Irondequoit Ambulance receives NO Tax Dollars from your annual Town Tax Bill.  Therefore, it is necessary to sustain operations by collecting (even) small dollar amounts of revenue.  Your insurance co-payment helps in re-cooping used funds.  Your insurance carrier determines what services they cover and any co-payments.  Please note non- transport calls are typically not covered by your insurance provider.

I am NOT a resident.  Do I have to pay anything?

The cost of using emergency services dictates that a bill will be generated.  Insurance carriers are always billed first, with any corresponding co-payment billed to the patient.

Why does an ambulance cost so much?

  • Highly trained staff
  • Vehicles
  • Equipment
  • Readiness

These are the four largest components that help an ambulance be ready to respond to an emergency 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Continual training of staff and equipment upgrades along with replenishment are paid for through a combination of user fees billed to insurance carriers.  Fees are regulated and consistently reviewed to ensure that they are maintained at usual and customary rates.  Readiness is always having the appropriate amount of trained personnel, vehicles and equipment available at a time of request; whether it is utilized or not.

What if I can’t afford an ambulance?  Should I call 9-1-1?

YES! Your health and safety are most important.

Do you offer any financial assistance to patients that cannot afford an ambulance event?

Yes!  Financial considerations are made by the Board of Directors at Irondequoit Ambulance based on Federal Standards. Based on number of members and household income, IA recognizes and awards invoice deductions.  Formal and complete application must be presented for review.  Application can be accessed by calling our billing company Logical Billing Solutions, Inc., or by calling our internal billing assistant at (585) 544-5112 X 201

In the mail, I received notice that my signature is needed.  Do I have to sign?

Your EMS crew will most likely request your signature for billing purposes.  This signature (by self or representative such as a parent or POA) is authorization for Irondequoit Ambulance to bill your insurance carrier.  Without a signature, a claim will be processed and you may receive a statement for the entire amount due.  Failure to do so constitutes insurance fraud and will result in follow-up by Irondequoit Ambulance in regards to potential legal and/or criminal consequences.

IA does outsource its billing practices.  For further questions, to update your persona information or claim status update, please contact:

Logical Billing Solutions, Inc.
(585) 563-1112

I received a check in the mail from insurance, what do I do?

Many insurance companies are now directly sending the reimbursement check to the patient.  Should you receive a check, please sign the back of the check and forward to us at:

Irondequoit Ambulance, Inc.

2330 Norton Street
Rochester, NY   14609

For assistance, information or details on any of the ambulatory services we provide, get in touch with a member of our team today at 585-544-5112. Or email us through our secure and confidential contact page.

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