Billing Inquiries

IA is a volunteer ambulance service. Why do they charge for services?
What IA does and how we do it is much different today than in 1980's.

The number of requests for emergency assistance has grown from 500 to more than 4,000 calls each year. Originally, IA could serve our community's needs by staffing one ambulance 24 hours a day with volunteers. Today we need to staff three ambulances during the day, two in the evening, and overnight. At the same time, it is harder for people to be available to volunteer their time to meet the many needs of EMS.

In 1989 IA realized that we had to adapt so as to keep responding to emergencies. It was then that IA began to evolve from being totally volunteer to being an EMS service that services its community with both career and volunteer personnel.

Emergency medical response has changed dramatically since 1970. Today we bring the emergency room to the patient. Our equipment is more sophisticated and medical care is more complicated. Sophisticated equipment and complicated treatment means training and equipment are more expensive. IA at one time could survive on donations of equipment and supplies. Hospitals used to resupply us after each call; now we need to purchase those supplies ourselves.

More calls, more expensive equipment, complicated training, and fewer volunteers have led to our need to bill for the services that are provided to you.

As one of three public safety services - police, fire, and EMS - isn't IA supported by my tax dollars?
Unlike fire departments and law enforcement agencies, ambulance services can take many different forms; the most common are non-profit organizations, commercial businesses, fire department-operated, village or town operated, county-operated, police department operated, and hospital-operated.

In Monroe County many EMS agencies bill for their services. We at IA receive most of our income from charges billed for our services. The remainder of our funding comes from donations and grants from people like you. IA receives no stipend or subsidies from the Town of Irondequoit.

IA would surely benefit from increased funding. This would mean better and more modern equipment, as well as more intensive training for your EMS providers.

I Have a Question about My Bill
Billing for health care services, including emergency medical services, is complicated in this day and age. IA contracts with Logical Billing Solutions, Inc to manage the process of submitting claims to third-party payers and ultimately billing our customers for the appropriate copayments, deductibles, and non-covered charges.

** Please refer any questions about our charges, payments, and explanations of benefits to
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