Critical Minutes
            Unlike the early days of the 1970's, we are no longer just "ambulance drivers", we are pre-hosptial care experts.  We are able to provide nearly everything an emergency room can within the first 20 minutes of patient contact.
When an IA (Irondequoit Ambulance) crew arrives on a call, we most often see people in their times of greatest need.  You may be injured, in pain or distress and frightened.  The first five minutes are most critical, this is when we must assess the situation and decide on the best course of treatment.  

Our pre-hospital care experts have extensive training in emergency pre-hospital care.  Basic EMT's are providers who receive at least 150 hours of training.  A Paramedic must become an EMT and then continue his/her training with an additional 1200 hours of academic work, clinical hands-on internships and field internships.

Always There, Always Ready.

         Our people make the difference with their dedication to quality emergency care.
IA is staffed around the clock; we are a 24-7-365 operation always ready to help in your time of need.  Our teams of paramedics, EMT's and drivers are ready to provide rapid emergency response.
Our facility at 2330 Norton Street not only houses our vehicles and emergency response equipment, it also serves as a home away from home for our crews whose shifts include overnights, weekends and holidays.

We are very proud to have been providing your EMS needs for the past 30 years all of which has been accomplished without any tax support from your town. Our Fund Drive is especially important this year since we are in need of new defibrillators for each of our 4 ambulances. These are very expensive pieces of equipment but critical to our mission of saving lives.

Our current defibrillators are over 10 years old and while they are adequate for the job, technology has changed and our goal has always been to provide the best medical care possible to our residents.

The cost of each defibrillator is $33,000. While third-party billing pays our operational costs, large expenditures such as this are difficult to fund out of our annual budget. Therefore we have decided that all the money raised this year will go towards the purchase of this equipment.

 We will continue to do our part and your donation will ensure that together we can continue to be a first-class ambulance service ready and willing to meet your EMS needs.

Please help us reach our goal and raise money to purchase these new lifesaving cardiac monitors. 

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