Welcome to EMS week 2022!

In November 1974, President Gerald Ford announced and authorized the first National Emergency Medical Services Week from November 3 to November 10. This was to celebrate the emergency medical services and the amazing and important work they do. 

EMS Week is a perfect time to honor those frontline heroes dedicated to providing emergency medicine that saves so many lives every day. This year’s campaign will focus on What EMS is and what we do.

The 2022 EMS Week theme: "EMS: Rising to the Challenge."  This theme is particularly meaningful now, to remind people that every day we are faced with so many new challenges in our lives and yet we still rise above them all and continue to respond, support, and care for the needs of our communities.

We send our best wishes for the constant safety and good health of all EMS personnel on the first lines who continue to take care of our communities.

Irondequoit Ambulance is very proud of our EMTs, Paramedics, and support staff that tirelessly worked through the COVID 19 Pandemic to provide for safety and care of others.  Our providers rose to the challenges presented to them such as providing for their personal safety, the safety of those they serve, and the family's that support or EMS staff.  During the pandemic our crews responded to a 47% increase in call volume!




To give back to the community we have planned the following events:

  • Sunday May 15th from 12:00 noon until 3:00 PM we have scheduled an open house.  Stop by our base at 2330 Norton Street and tour an ambulance, meet EMT's and Paramedics, and learn about the service we provide and the equipment we use in the field.


  • On Monday, May 16th at 7:00 PM and 8:00 PM we will host a Narcan training class the the Irondequoit Community Center.  We will be joined by members of the Irondequoit Police Department for this training.  Learn about how to use Narcan for someone who is experiencing an emergency due to a narcotic overdose.  Class size is limited to 35 people in each class,  classes at 7:00pm and 8:00 pm. Please click the sign-up now button below:








  • On Thursday, May 19th at 6:00 pm and 7:00 PM we will host a stop the bleed class at the Irondequoit Community Center.  This class is designed to teach bystanders to be able to help someone who has experience and emergency resulting is severe bleeding.  Class size is limited to 35 people in each class,  classes at 7:00pm and 8:00 pm. Hands on training entails learning how to apply a tourniquet.  Please click the sign up now button below:



For assistance, information or details on any of the ambulatory services we provide, get in touch with a member of our team today at 585-544-5112. Or email us through our secure and confidential contact page.

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